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Vibrazioni - instant composition practices


11. Dezember 2021


Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz, Berlino, Germania

12. Dezember 2021

About the Course

​“{…} movement of ideas is movement of being” Mallarmé (1842-1898)

A dancing body is a body in a constant state of changing tension, and this tension is related to vibrations.

By sharpening our senses and bodies, we will create compositions in an active listening to our inner geographies linked to present time flow.
We begin by practicing awareness of the Here and Now and the state of presence, in the relationship between breath and movement. Then we gradually enable the tools that lead us to more complex improvisational structures, in relation to space and others.

By approaching sound and voice, we access a sensory dimension, which allows us to train on different levels: perceptive, imaginative, physical and psychic. A space that reaches the gateway between the inside and the outside, in order to find possibilities of sharing and communicating. We will use a dancing body, its inner sense of time and tension, to advance towards a territory where physical boundaries broaden, perceptions align with imagination and memory, and where the inclusion of the voice deepens a dialectic between body and environment.


Stefania Petracca


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