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Contemporary Dance

Open Level Class
Mondays 19.30

31. Okt. 2022

19. Dez. 2022


An investigation on movement anchored to contemporary dance and based on perceptions and body awareness, mainly for the joy of experiencing movements in space, testing one's potential and individual expression.

The work results in a dynamic mix between listening, energic exercises and rhythmical steps regarding coordination. We align the body and dive deep into its physicality by introducing a specific somatic or technical task. We gradually unlock distinct tools and explore several variations of contemporary dance principles: weight, space, time, dynamics. We play with changes of speed and energy, spatial relations and projections, through different lengths of sequences and guided improvisation. The aim is to reach a dynamic state that leads body and mind into a fluent dance. The personal presence is engaged and liberated, expressing itself with its own specific language.

12€ with Monthly card
14€ Drop-in
FIRST CLASS on 31st of October: 8€ special welcome price.

Urban Sport Members are welcome+ 5€ supplemental. Due a not changing political agreement with Urbansport, I ask a little supplemental of 5€ each class (I will have back only 7€ each member from Urban Sport, thanks for for your understanding)

Studio 142, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz, Berlino, Germania

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