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“ The state of dancing is BETWEEN a thing and another,

it happens IN a situation of transmission through the space,

as well as the music is a state of emission,

and that is because the dance  is OUT of the body”.

Franca Ferrari

INOUT&BETWEEN is an idea and an investigation on movement linked to spatiality, relationships, events, music vibrations. It want to cast an eye at the “Unconfortable Zone"  of the contrasts,  including the limits that have to be tested and crossed in order to create.

Wherefore, if “In Out & Between” cast about contrasts, and what they generate  in dialectic references,  why don’t work as well on those social-aspects that they are including ….namely on MISTAKES ?


It is a concept for :


Live music: Florian Costantinides



Live music: Gábor Hartyáni (Cello)

Precedents edition: Josef Carpenter  (Saxophone), Rico Notarnicola  (Drums)

Dance: Stefania Petracca



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